Workshop: Eye To Eye – Let’s talk race and intersectionality // 23.05.19 – 18:30h

ENTRY: Donation based – between 2 to 5 euros (whatever you can afford)
For people of Asian descent.

“CHING CHONG. KONICHIWA. NIHAAAOOOOO.” (Ridiculing with eyes pulled back)
“Asian eyes are so beautiful.”
“all y’all look alike.”
“Same same.”
“oh, so you’re not a real Asian”

Let’s talk race and intersectionality

The shape of their eyes, nose, mouth, ears, body?
The texture and shade of one’s skin?
The way one speaks?

Well, apparently it’s not for “Asian” people to define

This workshop will be led by Vicky Truong who hosted the first session during the WE ARE NOT SAME SAME festival. The space aims to be “safer” and we ask that people who are not of Asian descent please not attend. Because, I mean, it’s like someone who’s not pregnant wanting to attend a birth giving workshop because they’re intrigued or want to just listen and learn; or even maybe insert their own inexperienced opinions. LOL, could you imagine.

The workshop’s aims are to provide a space for knowledge, healing, connection and empowerment.

This workshop cannot deny limitations to inclusivity. It will be in English (hopefully with translation provided), but will use gender inclusive language. It is wheelchair accessible.

Doors open at 18:30
Workshop will be for about 2 hours with a break.
We will have the space for 3-4 hours.
Hope to see y’all there

Venue: Aquarium am Südblock (Skalitzer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin)