Workshop: Boys Will *NOT* Be Boys – Let’s talk Asian masculinities // 20.06.19 – 19:00h

LOCATION: korientation e.V. office
Fehrbelliner Straße 7, 10119 Berlin

This workshop is open only to people of Asian descent (NOT restricted to East-Asian/Southeast-Asian).
All genders welcome.


We don’t talk about these enough. Why don’t we talk about these enough? Okay, let’s talk about these.

The goal is to provide a safe(r) space in which we can share, listen and talk about our lives–both past and present–within the contexts of dominant masculinity ideology and community-specific Asian masculinities. Come sit with us. Eat a snack or two. Let’s be open and vulnerable together.

This workshop will be about 90 minutes long. We will use English to setup the workshop’s discussions and activities, but other languages are *very welcome* in the discussions and activities themselves. Feel free to make use of your language(s) as you like!

Your hosts:

sarnt is a queer filmmaker from Thailand. he researches the subtle politics on this world through media film and critical thinking.

Jordan is an educator committed to anti-oppression pedagogy. He likes cats, stuff dealing with image/text, and the occasional mojito.

Image design: sarnt utamachote