Workshop: Eye to Eye #3 – Internalised Racism and Whitewashing // 15.07.19 – 18:30h

A safer space for people of Asian descent.
Everyone identifying themselves as ASIAN is welcome!

Let’s talk Internalised Racism and Whitewashing!
No, we’re not going to be discussing how to get whiter brighter laundry.

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We are people of the global majority! So, why are we the minority?
Whiteness and Eurocentric ideologies are often held on a pedestal, and we find ourselves constantly oppressed through fake superiority complexes in order to create fake inferiority complexes around the globe. This is done in order to maintain white supremacy and attempt to undermine the dignity, integrity and longevity of the majority of the world’s people.

Having been born, raised or residing in a predominantly Euro-centric society, one may inherit biases that affect how we perceive one’s self-worth and those of other ethnicities. Being able to unlearn and achieve equality will take generations, but learning to embrace uniqueness and individuality can begin now – within ourselves.
For there is no admirable self to aspire towards, rather a self to love with all the complexities.

Throughout the worskhop we aim to discuss topics such as the experience of alienation and internalized racism operated by the White gaze. By sharing stories we’re striving to find a safe space to heal together and empower each other!


Venue: Aquarium am Südblock (Skalitzer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin)

Hosted by Vicky Truong and Sarah Naqvi

Poster by Vicky Truong