Workshop: Eye to Eye #4 – Connecting to our food // 26.09.19 – 18:30h

ASIAN FOOD – more than just a mouth orgasm
Let’s get together to share our favourite snacks/dishes with one another!

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🧧Donation based
Asian diaspora only ✌️

When migration occurs, one may have to adopt a new language, way of dressing, way of being, and many other aspects in order to assimilate. But food, well, the Asian diaspora ain’t letting that goodness go nowhere! Food is one of the only ways migrants connect to their cultures, ancestry and homelands.

During the workshop, we will explore, share, discuss, connect and heal with food. We will look at our food from different perspectives: food both as a political issue and as self preservation. Taking into consideration that ‚we are what we eat‘ how powerful could it be to change the relationship to our food?

Food and eating habits/rituals will help us to navigate our confrontation with identity. Given that food is an essential player, that touches many places in our lives, it becomes a powerful tool to connect us to our driving forces such as our emotions and memories.

We ask participants to bring a favourite dish/snack/ingredient they would like to share with the community and its bellies. It doesn’t have to be home made. It just has to mean something to you.

Korea Verband have been kind enough to offer their space for this workshop! It’s a beautiful location and will be showcasing their new exhibition! We want to create a more intimate setting and spots are limited. Please RSVP!

Sarah Naqvi and Vicky Truong have been discussing the next few workshops and are very excited to share their work with the Asian diaspora. As they are still to attain funding, they are doing this work voluntarily. If you want to make a donation to cover costs, please get in touch with them!

In cooperation with DAMN (Asian Germans, Make Noise) Group.

Venue: Korea Verband (Quitzowstr. 103, 10551 Berlin)