– „There are so many events happening!“
– – „YUP! Here’s another one to add to your FOMO!“

DONATION based workshop
Asian Community welcome
No reservation necessary. We will make sure there is space for everyone. If BPOC who are not of Asian descent would like to join, priority will be given to people of Asian descent as this space is created for them.

Since 2018, the Asian community in Germany has considerably strengthened and become more connected. If you’d like to get more involved and informed about what’s happening and where we’re headed, please come along. Eye to Eye workshop facilitators Vicky Truong and Sarah Naqvi would like to invite everyone of ASIAN DESCENT to join us here!

We will be discussing how socio-political movements arise and how social media is harnessed.

In association with DAMN (Asian Germans, Make Noise) Group, korientation e.V. and Korea Verband. Thank you to our media partners Diaspor.Asia Podcast and Center for Intersectional Justice.

Eye to Eye workshops do not receive ANY funding and are produced with personal funds and donations. Vicky and Sarah are working on them voluntarily. If you would like to support the project monetarily, please get in touch.

We realise that this space has its limitations.
Most of the workshop will be conducted in English, but Sarah will happily aid with German. Please get in contact if you’d like to offer whisper-translation in other languages.
We hope that we can provide a comfortable space for clarifying any terminology. Don’t hesitate to ask!
As always, please be mindful of gender-inclusive language.

Venue: Aquarium am Südblock (Skalitzer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin)
The venue is wheelchair accessible!


v o i c e m a i l #4: weiter…aber wie?


VOICEMAIL ist eine Spoken Word, Comedy und Musik Veranstaltungsreihe, die Menschen mit asiatischem Background eine Bühne bietet. Asiatische Menschen in Deutschland werden nicht nur oft übersehen oder „unsichtbar gemacht“, sondern auch überhört. Bei VOICEMAIL haben asiatische Menschen deswegen die Möglichkeit ‚auf’s Band zu sprechen‘, um ihre Erfahrungen, Gefühle und Geschichten zu teilen. Drei Formate (Text, Performance, Standup-Comedy) sollen verschiedene Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten bieten – und für Abwechslung sorgen!

Bei VOICEMAIL stehen diese Themen im Vordergrund: „asiatische Identität“ (was ist ‚asiatisch‘? Wer „darf“ sich als asiatisch identifizieren? Wer wird repräsentiert?), Aufenthaltsrecht (Staatsbürgerschaft, Künstler*innen-Visum, Studierendenvisum etc.), Aktivismus, Rassismuserfahrungen, mental health, Sexualität, Dating, Generationskonflikte. Heavy heavy but it will be fun! Versprochen!

Das anschließende Open Mic ist offen für alle BPOC (Black and People of Color).

VOICEMAIL is a spoken word, comedy and music event that provides a stage for people of Asian descent (which is NOT restricted to East/ South East Asia) in Germany.
Open Stage is open to all BPOC.

Arpana Aisha Berndt
Kevin Groen
Marie Yan
Moni Zhang
Turke Chini
Jade Green River


Sprache: Englisch und Deutsch
Veranstaltungsraum ist barrierefrei.
Food will be provided by Rice is Life !

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ASIAN FOOD – more than just a mouth orgasm
Let’s get together to share our favourite snacks/dishes with one another!

👁to Eye workshop 👁
🧧Donation based
Asian diaspora only ✌️

When migration occurs, one may have to adopt a new language, way of dressing, way of being, and many other aspects in order to assimilate. But food, well, the Asian diaspora ain’t letting that goodness go nowhere! Food is one of the only ways migrants connect to their cultures, ancestry and homelands.

During the workshop, we will explore, share, discuss, connect and heal with food. We will look at our food from different perspectives: food both as a political issue and as self preservation. Taking into consideration that ‚we are what we eat‘ how powerful could it be to change the relationship to our food?

Food and eating habits/rituals will help us to navigate our confrontation with identity. Given that food is an essential player, that touches many places in our lives, it becomes a powerful tool to connect us to our driving forces such as our emotions and memories.

We ask participants to bring a favourite dish/snack/ingredient they would like to share with the community and its bellies. It doesn’t have to be home made. It just has to mean something to you.

Korea Verband have been kind enough to offer their space for this workshop! It’s a beautiful location and will be showcasing their new exhibition! We want to create a more intimate setting and spots are limited. Please RSVP!

Sarah Naqvi and Vicky Truong have been discussing the next few workshops and are very excited to share their work with the Asian diaspora. As they are still to attain funding, they are doing this work voluntarily. If you want to make a donation to cover costs, please get in touch with them!

In cooperation with DAMN (Asian Germans, Make Noise) Group.

Venue: Korea Verband (Quitzowstr. 103, 10551 Berlin)


☀️ Auch dieses Jahr seid Ihr wieder herzlich zu unserem korientation Sommerfest eingeladen! ☀️

Bei Sonnenschein im grünen Hinterhof, bei Regen im korientation Büro wird es bei Barbecue und Getränken einen entspannten Rahmen geben, um sich über die neusten News und Entwicklungen, Projektideen und Veranstaltungen auszutauschen, neue und bekannte Gesichter wieder zu sehen und gemeinsam einen schönen Tag zu verbringen.

korientation wird einen Grundvorrat an Essen und Getränken stellen, ansonsten läuft es wie gehabt nach dem Prinzip „Potluck“ 🍠 🍤 🌶 und „B.Y.O.D.“ (bring our own drinks) 🥤 🍺 🍸

Außerdem planen wir einen Mini-Flohmarkt mit dessen Erlös wir unser Vereinsbudget für zukünftige Veranstaltungen, Büroausgaben etc. aufstocken möchten. Falls Ihr Euch am Flohmarkt beteiligen und vielleicht sogar eine kleine Spende abgeben möchtet, bringt gerne alles mit, was Ihr vertrödeln möchtet!

Kommt gerne auch mit Eurem korientation Nachwuchs! Wir haben eine Spielecke geplant, damit auch alle ihren Spaß haben können.

Datum: Sonntag, 28. Juli 2019
Zeit: 15:00 bis 21:00 Uhr
Ort: korientation e. V., Fehrbelliner Straße 7, 10119 Berlin


Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

GIF by Thao Ho


A safer space for people of Asian descent.
Everyone identifying themselves as ASIAN is welcome!

Let’s talk Internalised Racism and Whitewashing!
No, we’re not going to be discussing how to get whiter brighter laundry.

FREE registration at:
Donations appreciated!

We are people of the global majority! So, why are we the minority?
Whiteness and Eurocentric ideologies are often held on a pedestal, and we find ourselves constantly oppressed through fake superiority complexes in order to create fake inferiority complexes around the globe. This is done in order to maintain white supremacy and attempt to undermine the dignity, integrity and longevity of the majority of the world’s people.

Having been born, raised or residing in a predominantly Euro-centric society, one may inherit biases that affect how we perceive one’s self-worth and those of other ethnicities. Being able to unlearn and achieve equality will take generations, but learning to embrace uniqueness and individuality can begin now – within ourselves.
For there is no admirable self to aspire towards, rather a self to love with all the complexities.

Throughout the worskhop we aim to discuss topics such as the experience of alienation and internalized racism operated by the White gaze. By sharing stories we’re striving to find a safe space to heal together and empower each other!


Venue: Aquarium am Südblock (Skalitzer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin)

Hosted by Vicky Truong and Sarah Naqvi

Poster by Vicky Truong


Workshop: Boys Will *NOT* Be Boys – Let’s talk Asian masculinities

LOCATION: korientation e.V. office
Fehrbelliner Straße 7, 10119 Berlin

This workshop is open only to people of Asian descent (NOT restricted to East-Asian/Southeast-Asian).
All genders welcome.


We don’t talk about these enough. Why don’t we talk about these enough? Okay, let’s talk about these.

The goal is to provide a safe(r) space in which we can share, listen and talk about our lives–both past and present–within the contexts of dominant masculinity ideology and community-specific Asian masculinities. Come sit with us. Eat a snack or two. Let’s be open and vulnerable together.

This workshop will be about 90 minutes long. We will use English to setup the workshop’s discussions and activities, but other languages are *very welcome* in the discussions and activities themselves. Feel free to make use of your language(s) as you like!

Your hosts:

sarnt is a queer filmmaker from Thailand. he researches the subtle politics on this world through media film and critical thinking.

Jordan is an educator committed to anti-oppression pedagogy. He likes cats, stuff dealing with image/text, and the occasional mojito.


Image design: sarnt utamachote


ENTRY: Donation based – between 2 to 5 euros (whatever you can afford)
For people of Asian descent.

“CHING CHONG. KONICHIWA. NIHAAAOOOOO.” (Ridiculing with eyes pulled back)
“Asian eyes are so beautiful.”
“all y’all look alike.”
“Same same.”
“oh, so you’re not a real Asian”

Let’s talk race and intersectionality

The shape of their eyes, nose, mouth, ears, body?
The texture and shade of one’s skin?
The way one speaks?

Well, apparently it’s not for “Asian” people to define

This workshop will be led by Vicky Truong who hosted the first session during the WE ARE NOT SAME SAME festival. The space aims to be “safer” and we ask that people who are not of Asian descent please not attend. Because, I mean, it’s like someone who’s not pregnant wanting to attend a birth giving workshop because they’re intrigued or want to just listen and learn; or even maybe insert their own inexperienced opinions. LOL, could you imagine.

The workshop’s aims are to provide a space for knowledge, healing, connection and empowerment.

This workshop cannot deny limitations to inclusivity. It will be in English (hopefully with translation provided), but will use gender inclusive language. It is wheelchair accessible.

Doors open at 18:30
Workshop will be for about 2 hours with a break.
We will have the space for 3-4 hours.
Hope to see y’all there

Venue: Aquarium am Südblock (Skalitzer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin)


„Bruderland ist abgebrannt“ (Angelika NGUYEN/Deutschland 1991/28min)

Mit dem Mauerfall verloren die Staatsverträge der vietnamesischen Vertragsarbeiter*innen in der DDR ihre Gültigkeit. In dieser besonderen instabilen Situation, im Jahre 1991, und während einer gewissen Pogromstimmung in Berlins Straßen, wurde der Film gedreht.


„Roan“ (Thuy Trang NGUYEN/Deutschland 2019/12min)

In dem Film ROAN entfaltet sich die zärtliche Beziehung zwischen einer vietnamesischen Großmutter und ihrer Enkeltochter, die in Deutschland geboren und aufgewachsen ist. Während sie einen Tag in der Wohnung der Großmutter in Berlin-Reinickendorf verbringen, teilen sie nicht nur kleine Überraschungen des Alltäglichen miteinander, sondern stellen sich auch größere, existenzielle Fragen des Lebens.

Zwei Filme, zwei Filmemacherinnen und zwei ehemals geteilte Länder. Zwei Filme, in denen sich unterschiedliche Welten, Zeiten und Generationen widerspiegeln. Eine Suche nach vietnamesischer Diaspora, versteckten Widersprüchen und Verbindungen zu 30 Jahre deutscher Geschichte.

Im Anschluss findet eine Diskussion mit den Filmemacherinnen und dem Publikum statt.

Zeit: Mittwoch, 15.05.2019, 19 Uhr
Ort: Thoughtworks, Zimmerstraße 23, 10969 Berlin
Eintritt: 2-4€