Picture from the movie Fool for Love, 2010

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The queer literary critic Hiram Perez has written, “Being gay always involves, to some extent, being someplace else.” This assertion highlights the close connection between queer identity and physical mobility. Recall American soldiers traveling from small towns in the Midwest to the big cities on the coasts during World War II, and more recently, migration by Filipina workers from Manila to Hong Kong, Dubai, and Rome in the past several decades. What is striking in these movements is the way these subjects come to try out, adapt, and adopt queer identities after they have left home for “someplace else.” It’s worth noting that queerness-via-mobility is accorded different values depending on one’s points of departure and arrival: a movement from oppression to liberation, ignorance to affirmation, but also from safety to danger, familiarity to alienation.

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