Workshop: Eye to Eye #4 – Connecting to our food // 26.09.19 – 18:30h

ASIAN FOOD – more than just a mouth orgasm
Let’s get tog­ether to share our favourite snacks/dishes with one another!

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🧧Donation based
Asian dia­spora only ✌️

When migration occurs, one may have to adopt a new lan­guage, way of dressing, way of being, and many other aspects in order to assi­milate. But food, well, the Asian dia­spora ain’t letting that goodness go nowhere! Food is one of the only ways migrants connect to their cul­tures, ancestry and homelands.

During the workshop, we will explore, share, discuss, connect and heal with food. We will look at our food from dif­ferent per­spec­tives: food both as a poli­tical issue and as self pre­ser­vation. Taking into con­side­ration that ‚we are what we eat‘ how powerful could it be to change the rela­ti­onship to our food?

Food and eating habits/rituals will help us to navigate our con­fron­tation with identity. Given that food is an essential player, that touches many places in our lives, it becomes a powerful tool to connect us to our driving forces such as our emo­tions and memories.

We ask par­ti­ci­pants to bring a favourite dish/snack/ingredient they would like to share with the com­munity and its bellies. It doesn’t have to be home made. It just has to mean some­thing to you.

Korea Verband have been kind enough to offer their space for this workshop! It’s a beau­tiful location and will be show­casing their new exhi­bition! We want to create a more intimate setting and spots are limited. Please RSVP!

Sarah Naqvi and Vicky Truong have been dis­cussing the next few work­shops and are very excited to share their work with the Asian dia­spora. As they are still to attain funding, they are doing this work vol­un­t­arily. If you want to make a donation to cover costs, please get in touch with them!

In coope­ration with DAMN (Asian Germans, Make Noise) Group.

Venue: Korea Verband (Quitzowstr. 103, 10551 Berlin)