Workshop: Eye to Eye #5 – Asian Community and Activism // 10.10.19 – 18:30h

- „There are so many events happening!“
– - „YUP! Here’s another one to add to your FOMO!“

DONATION based workshop
Asian Community welcome
No reser­vation necessary. We will make sure there is space for everyone. If BPOC who are not of Asian descent would like to join, priority will be given to people of Asian descent as this space is created for them.

Since 2018, the Asian com­munity in Germany has con­siderably streng­thened and become more con­nected. If you’d like to get more involved and informed about what’s hap­pening and where we’re headed, please come along. Eye to Eye workshop faci­li­tators Vicky Truong and Sarah Naqvi would like to invite everyone of ASIAN DESCENT to join us here!

We will be dis­cussing how socio-political move­ments arise and how social media is harnessed.

In asso­ciation with DAMN (Asian Germans, Make Noise) Group, kori­en­tation e.V. and Korea Verband. Thank you to our media partners Diaspor.Asia Podcast and Center for Intersectional Justice.

Eye to Eye work­shops do not receive ANY funding and are pro­duced with per­sonal funds and dona­tions. Vicky and Sarah are working on them vol­un­t­arily. If you would like to support the project mone­tarily, please get in touch.

We realise that this space has its limitations.
Most of the workshop will be con­ducted in English, but Sarah will happily aid with German. Please get in contact if you’d like to offer whisper-translation in other languages.
We hope that we can provide a com­for­table space for cla­ri­fying any ter­mi­nology. Don’t hesitate to ask!
As always, please be mindful of gender-inclusive language.

Venue: Aquarium am Südblock (Skalitzer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin)
The venue is wheel­chair accessible!