[SiNEMA TRANSTOPIA] How Can We See (each other)? – Film Series curated by Popo FAN from Oct. 10 – 23, 2020 @bi’bak

Image: Still from a video work by Monira Al Qadiri 

Historically, the main routes of the Silk Road con­nected China with Central and West Asia, up to North Africa. These cross-borders exch­anges went beyond the eco­nomic transfer of goods, trans­porting and thus influencing the cul­tures along with it too. Even today, the rela­ti­onship among these regions is an example of cross-border cul­tural exchange outside Europe.

The film series How Can We See (each other)? searches beyond euro­cen­trism for (pop)cultural, social and poli­tical con­nec­tions of an “East-East refe­rencing” and takes a look at trans­cul­tural rela­tions among these regions. By pairing film­makers from dif­ferent areas, we hope to create a form of trans­na­tional dia­logue between artists and film­makers. From Hong Kong to Cairo, Urumchi to Kobanê, and Beijing to a small village in Morocco, the films per­for­ma­tively cross gender boun­daries and national affi­lia­tions. Through „cul­tural drag“, ree­nact­ments and other trans­gressive stra­tegies, the films open up a space in which cul­tural identity can be con­cep­tua­lised in new ways, beyond ques­tions of potential dif­fe­rences and com­mo­n­a­lities. The pro­gramme con­tri­butes to an under­standing of a poli­tical resis­tance that equally reflects the power of cul­tural, national, ethnic and gender cate­gories and ima­gines their dissolution.

Programm: https://bi-bak.de/en/bi-bakino/how-can-we-see-each-other

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Special Thanks:
Kurdish Film Festival Berlin
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Videoart at Midnight
Michael Dreyer


Popo Fan, born 1985, is a Berlin-based Chinese dia­spora film­maker, curator and writer. Hisfilms include queer activism docu­men­taries and scripted, sex-positive shorts. For more than a decade, he has orga­nized the Beijing Queer Film Festival and founded the Queer University Video Training Camp in China. In 2019 he curated film series “More Than A Midnight Rainbow” about Chinese-made and Chinese-speaking queer films at bi’bak.

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