Workshop: Eye To Eye – Let’s talk race and intersectionality // 23.05.19 – 18:30h

ENTRY: Donation based – between 2 to 5 euros (wha­tever you can afford)
For people of Asian descent.

“CHING CHONG. KONICHIWA. NIHAAAOOOOO.” (Ridiculing with eyes pulled back)
“Asian eyes are so beau­tiful.”
“all y’all look alike.”
“Same same.”
“oh, so you’re not a real Asian”

Let’s talk race and inter­sec­tio­n­ality

The shape of their eyes, nose, mouth, ears, body?
The texture and shade of one’s skin?
The way one speaks?

Well, appar­ently it’s not for “Asian” people to define

This workshop will be led by Vicky Truong who hosted the first session during the WE ARE NOT SAME SAME fes­tival. The space aims to be “safer” and we ask that people who are not of Asian descent please not attend. Because, I mean, it’s like someone who’s not pregnant wanting to attend a birth giving workshop because they’re intrigued or want to just listen and learn; or even maybe insert their own inex­pe­ri­enced opi­nions. LOL, could you imagine.

The workshop’s aims are to provide a space for know­ledge, healing, con­nection and empowerment.

This workshop cannot deny limi­ta­tions to inclu­sivity. It will be in English (hope­fully with trans­lation pro­vided), but will use gender inclusive lan­guage. It is wheel­chair acces­sible.

Doors open at 18:30
Workshop will be for about 2 hours with a break.
We will have the space for 3–4 hours.
Hope to see y’all there

Venue: Aquarium am Südblock (Skalitzer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin)