We Are Not SAME SAME // 17.–18.11.2018 – 15:00h


An inter­sec­tional feminist event for people of South, East, South-East Asian descent, the LGBTQIA+ com­munity and allies. Come tog­ether, share expe­ri­ences, begin dis­course and find empowerment.

Women* have his­to­ri­cally been the object of sexual explo­itation and fetishism, however that type of objec­ti­fi­cation increases when it comes to women* of colour and LGBTQIA+. Of course, these are not the only topics of importance but a com­munity that requires more visi­bility and solidarity.

The WE ARE NOT SAME SAME event high­lights the mis­con­ception that all Asian countries can be placed under the one umbrella, without regard or respect towards their dif­fe­rences in culture, indi­vi­duality and history. This event follows up the I AM NOT A FORTUNE COOKIE event and will be spot­lighting the impli­ca­tions encir­cling exo­ti­fi­cation, sexism, objec­ti­fi­cation, racism, ste­reo­typing and diaspora.

It is apparent that many shy away from dis­cussing the social, cognitive and emo­tional roots of pre­judice. This is a way we can come tog­ether to begin dis­courses sur­rounding issues within our society and better under­stand how to move towards a more equal future. I invite you all to come and enjoy this two-day event!

Studio Chérie (Hobrechtstr. 66, 12047 Berlin)

website: goo.gl/4PHFa4
program: goo.gl/Mbh8ax

Produced by Vicky Truong